The Captain on Breeding:

"The breeding of Shepherd dogs must be the breeding of working dogs, this must always be the aim or we shall cease to produce working dogs. In contradistinction to working and utility breeding is "sport" breeding, which produces a temporary advance but is always followed by deterioration, for it is not done for the sake of the DOG, nor does it make him more useful, it is done for the vanity of the breeder and the subsequent purchaser."

" Breeding can only give the foundations for good body-build and high efficiency...for perfection of body and for usefulness of vocation, bringing up, keeping and training are responsible."

"That word "SPORT" always means competition for the highest, that is true, but this competition reaches its high-water mark in "Exhibitions", which, just because they demand no real capabilities lead people only too easily astray..."

"Dog breeding must be done by a dog-lover and cannot be a profession. The work of breeding service dogs must be the work of dog-lovers, (such as) the Shepherd with sheep breeds as a dog lover, for they have the desire to breed for exemplery, efficient and useful dogs."

"The dog bred as a business is no longer bred for his service to the breed, but for his market value. The direction of the breed then is dictated by the desires of the market, usually Novices to the breed, who knows nor cares (nothing) of the weal and woes of the breed, knows nothing of the value or aptitude for work...he often only has eyes for Imposing, Remarkable and even a Ruffling Swashbuckler."

"The breeder on a small scale, one who works with 1 or 2 bitches, is the most suitable breeder for service dogs because he can care for his breeding animals & their progeny to such an extent that he can produce strong sound animals that can be trained."

" Breeding on a large scale and in a Kennel is the ruin of all sound shepherd dog breeding. It is not possible to keep shepherd dogs in 'herds'...his master must be able to be busy with him, especially as a young dog".

"A dog raised in a kennel craves to escape from such crass stupidity into liberty, the presence of people, play & work (and) causes a state of continuous exasperation that frets at their nerves...many acquire a craze for purposeless actions...often harmful to themselves, "

"The more we emphasize the social and civil importance of Service Dog breeding, the easier it will be for all true friends of the breed to keep it will then be stripped of all which has grown through Indifference, Ignorance, Vanity, the Obsession for "sport" and a Greed for Money."

"The Internationalism of The Big Bank Balance has been the downfall of the Shepherd Dog."

"Every dog is not suitable for every bitch, even as, for other reasons,  every man is not a mate for every woman."


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