" Know what your work is and do it!"
Following are many thoughts and ideals from Capt. von Stephanitz' book, 
"The GSD in Word and Picture". 
His original concept cannot be improved on, it can only be validated or destroyed by us.


Welcome to our  Capt. Max v Stephanitz pages !
This Max v Stephanitz education site was done out of love for our breed, and the hopes that we all could get a better understanding of what the founder of the breed envisioned. These pages have had many sites linking to them since 1998, I hope you'll join them!! 
Note:   Editing & paraphrasing liberties are for brevity & clarity's sake, but there is no taking out of context or changing the intent of the author. HOWEVER, these are not exact quotes.  All work edited & paraphrased from "GSD in Word & Picture"  and follow guidelines under "Fair Use" for educational sites. 
 " A leader without expert knowledge of and affection for the dog will achieve only mediocre results with the best trained dog: while an expert dog-loving leader can achieve good results with a dog of only fair capacity. In other words, the whole question is not only a question of the dog, but quite as much, if not more so, a question of the fitness of the leader." Max v Stephanitz
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Our Schutzhund Dogs:
V1 Randy aus dem Schwarzen Zwinger, SchH3, IPO3, KKL1-a (WG)
V Ambra v Teufelskellar, KNVP PH1, KKL1-a (Holland)
SG Ingo v Grosswechsungen, SchH2 (DDR)
SG Flex vd Quecke, SchH2 (DDR)
Emesa v Jacobiner-Schloss, SchH1 (WG)
Nancy v Haus Antverpa, IPO1 (Belgium)
Bandy Max, CS, ZVV1 (Czech Republic)

Our Police Dogs:
K-9 Kai, Narcotics K-9 (NESPC) (sire of K-9 Noah)
K-9 Dax, Patrol/Narcotics K-9 (NESPC)
K-9 Granit, Patrol K9 PD-1 (USPCA 1996 National Medal Winner; Region 4 #3 )
K-9 Fritz, Patrol K9 PD-1 (USPCA 2003 & 2004 #1 Team Reg. 4 & 9; National Qualifier)
K-9 Noah, Patrol K9 PD-1 (USPCA)
K-9 Axel, Patrol K-9 PD-1 (USPCA - 1999 National Qualifier) Grandsire of K-9 Axel
K-9 Ninja, Patrol K-9 (USPCA)

Police Dogs from our lines:
K-9 Falko, Texas- Ambra son
K-9 Compiz (Oslo, Norway) - Randy grgr-son
K-9 Zelda, New Hampshire - Randy grgr-dtr
K-9 Trooper, Texas - Randy grgr-son
Our Favorite Quote: 
"The dog can tell from the glance of the trainer the state of the trainer's soul"
Flex SchH2
Ingo SchH2
Bandy Max ZVV1
K9 Ninja
K9 Granit
K9 Fritz
K9 Dax
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Emesa SchH1
K9 Axel
Randy SchH3, IPO3
K9 Noah
K9 Kai
K9 Falko

K9 Compiz    
K9 Zelda

K9 Trooper
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